7th and 8th of December — 19:00h
Screenings and Artist Talk
at Galerie Irrgan Berlin
Berlin (DE)

Under the title „Abberations“ we present works of the artists:

Alessandra Leone & Zoë Mc Pherson with Andreas Barden
Amigo Total
Darío Alva & Diego Navarro
Jemma Woolmore & Lara Sarkissian
Lukas Schmeck
Mit Borrás
Phil Zumbruch / LOB

Kim Asendorf & Ole Fach
Peter Burr
Patricia Detmering
Andreas Nicolas Fischer
Bianca Kennedy & Felix Kraus
Johann Lurf
Volker Schlecht
Dagmar Schürrer
Alan Warburton

Screening and talk event, presenting video screenings curated by Lucas Gutierrez and Robert Seidel.

“Abberations” will celebrate artist using technology to push the boundaries of the“moving image”. They explore never-seen possibilities along the wavefront of tectonic shifts that shape our “digital age”. The exhibitions and screening events will present a variety of approaches and concept to open a discussion about the future of our society and art itself. Most of the artists, in a certain way have a link with
disciplines based on: live visuals, audiovisual performances, video art,

animations, CGI industrial and product design. The frame or theme has a

direction new «Digital paradigms» and the tools involved in the