AI ANCESTORS Making Kin in the Future


14.06.2022 — Akademie der Kuenste Berlin

AI ANCESTORS Performance
Poesiefestival Berlin


Together with K Allado-McDowell & Debashis Sinha.




2022-06-14, 6:00 PM

COLLECTIVE WRITING RITUAL AND ARTIST TALK (in the context of the festival exhibition) – K Allado-McDowell will initiate a collective writing ritual with live visuals by Lucas Gutierrez, Debashis Sinhas immersive sounds, the audience, and the language AI GPT-3. Debashis Sinha will talk with the artists Louise Walleneit and K Allado-McDowell about their work.

This event will be held in English, but artificial intelligence (AI) will be available to interpret into the language of your choice. Please bring your smartphone and headphones and download the app LiveVoice ( in advance to allow for this live interpretation.


TUE 14.6. | 18.00 | Foyerbühne | 8/6 €

With Rike Scheffler Germany | Louise Walleneit Germany | K Allado-McDowell USA

Live Visuals and Video: Lucas Gutierrez Argentina

Presentation and Music: Debashis Sinha Canada



Project leaders: Rike Scheffler, Birgit Voigt (Assistance)