Lucas Gutierrez — AV live

AV manipulation in real time, with sounds that pass through the experimental techno, glitch, bass and broken beat.

“There are things that are drawn in the air and others here. Is not smoke, because it has color, and everything appears when you want.
Why jump? 
Because it’s evolutionary asymmetry.”

He has participated and exhibited his works in well known festivals such as: Mira Festival, Sonar+D, MUTEK, Llum BCN, BNT-Trimarchi, among others.

Lucas has shared stages with artists such as: Robert Lippok, Alva Noto, Squarepusher, Clark, Max Cooper, Telefon Tel Aviv, Evian Christ, among others.

His most recent talks and performances were in Lunchmeat Festival ( Czech Republic), L.E.V Festival (Spain) and Poesiefestival (Germany).