Content Indifference

2019, 3D LED fan displays


PART II: Exhibition at Aperto Raum Berlin.
Part of Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM 2019.


How do we visualize information when loops and the random imagery predominate in contemporary art practices such as (post) internet art? Are screens the main object of our era?
Creating zones of temporary autonomy in his artistic practice, Gutierrez’s piece Content Indifference uses holographic effects on LED fan displays quoting current social fears and dystopias that he has collected and questioned within his digital practice over the last few years. Phrases such as 3D Spam, Age of Similar People Meeting Similar People, and High Digital Emotions exemplify the manner in which this oversaturation leaves doubtful voids for the viewer.


Age of Similar People Meeting Similar People
Suffering from Capitalism
Digital Working Class
Digital Gods
Police for Algorithms
Privacy in Post-Privacy Era
Robots Losing Their Jobs
Robots Doing Nothing
Robots Looking for a Job
Psychologists for Robots
1 Kilo of Code
Toxic Information
Digital Problems
You are so Emojical
Digital Drugs
Love Currencies
High Digital Emotions
Rendered Reality
Crying in VR
Meme Banks
Toxic Finance
3D Spam
XR Spam
This is not 3D
Why are you online?
The Scrollers
Web Militancy
Jobs will Disappear
Re–Imagine Police
National Bot Armies
Social Media Hieroglyphics
Walking Forever as Avatars
Uploading Democracy

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