Experimental short film about digital narcissism by Lucas Gutierrez x Schall & Schnabel.

Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM. Berlin 2017
Video Installation
20m x 3m



Narcissism is the thematic superstructure of the video installation, presented as a collaboration between the audio visual artist Lucas Gutierrez and the multimedia artist duo Schall & Schnabel.

The looped 15 minute video work focuses on dealing with the everyday phenomenon of narcissism, as well as the pathological excesses of an exaggerated self-awareness. Inspired by their personal environment in the „creative industry“ as well as the changes caused by handling of new technologies and social media and their feedback on the social behavior are integrated in this video work. Disturbances of proximity and distance, in- and outside world, Me and You are rejected in the work through disturbances of the narrative elements, the image, through absurd turns and instructions. Disturbances of the visual habits and perception will reject and encourage the visitors of the installation to re ect on theirselves. The video work is not pursuing a documentary or moralizing intention.


3D Animation & Music: Lucas Gutierrez
Text: Pierre Horn
Layout: Eileen Huhn
Video & Visual Effects: Schall & Schnabel
Ovid: Darwin Stapel
Camera Assistant: Jubal Battisti