Vernissage — December 11th  at 19:00h
(from 11th to 15th of December 2018)
Solo exhibition at Galerie Irrgang Berlin

Berlin (DE)

“Trough infinite – digital – ways of visualization, I feel always exposed to the most basic process of waiting. There are no loading bars in this rendered reality and there is always a machine that needs some time to complete the tasks I want.”

Lucas Gutierrez‘ pieces are technically linked to delivery delays, their failed industrial process and techniques used for production. From CGI (Computer-generated imagery) to the manufacture itself, those objects have been affected by the interruption of the production and some of them have no longer the chance to be reproduce again. A serie of towels, porcelain sculptures and a pair of glass pieces are confronting a video installation while reflecting on the distortions of perceived time in the digital age.