Vernissage, February 1st, 6 PM

Aperto Raum Berlin

Group exhibition by Anders Ehlin, Protey Temen and Lucas Gutierrez.
This Vernissage is part of Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM 2019 Berlin.

What if Aristotle’s horror vacui theory was correct – a void does not exist in nature?

Continuing from last year’s Horror Vacui exhibition, Aperto Raum is pleased to present Part II for Transmediale / Vorspiel.  Taking thematic inspiration from the theme of “Zweifel / Doubt,” we go one step further and question how voids in contemporary digital media create and perpetuate uncertain realities for the consumer.  Through the interconnected use of language, video media and audio, how can we both visualize and sonify “Zweifel / Doubt” that comes from absence?

The possibility of activating the Void through creative practice continues to be an important concern of contemporary artists. An exploration of the history of the iconography of the Void would go far beyond the scope of this introduction.  Today, the sensory experience of absence or voids creates a sense of doubt; through language, sound, and visual media we are confronted with environments of uncertainty on a daily basis. From social media and advertising, to newspapers and politics, our environment leaves room for doubt through the absences, which shape the perception of the world around us.