Castello di Potentino PXP

July 3-28th, 2023 at Località Potentino, 3, 58038 Seggiano GR, Italy

Potentino Exploration Project (PXP) Field School


An innovative project exploring culture, history and landscape.


The new project, a partnership of faculty from several universities including Southern Methodist University and Castello di Potentino, will focus on the heritage, archaeology, and biodiversity of this fragile landscape. The research design of the Potentino Exploration Project and Field School combines archaeological excavation, heritage studies, archaeobotany, biodiversity studies, land survey, and archaeometry as part of an interdisciplinary regional landscape analysis of the area around Potentino Castle and the Seggiano Valley.


The goal is to produce an integrated, transdisciplinary study of the area to provide crucial data for long-term planning and policy-making that can be connected to the holistic environmental and social framework set forth in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The project, aims to increase awareness of the ethical management of endangered cultural and natural heritage. while also connecting to and respecting the local community.


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