On the domed cornea of your round eyeballs there’ll be a flickering reflection of two large rings spinning continuously, surrounded by a swarm of silver bubbles, within the half-sphere of the Fulldome. The circles, rings, domes, and spheres of digital artist Lucas Gutierrez and sound artist Robert Lippok’s “SPIN” form an animated cosmos of flux and mutation, where image and sound exude a bodily presence. To a soundscape composed of hundreds of sound recordings of objects, machines and ecologies, the viewer is guided along and amongst the rings: Surfing on slippery and shiny ripples, skittering across its coiling and undulating skin – papillary ridges and creases, fur, iridescent slime, and perfect gloss.
The different textures merge and emerge as the bodies spin, contract, and stretch. Alien and scaleless, they could be microscopic, or vast landscapes, or planets. Their vibrant surface is illuminated by restless reflections of a light source constantly on the move – like a search light operated by wind gusts. It is as if Lippok and Gutierrez set out to design nature – a kind of nature that is not an imitation, not a likeness, not in our own image. “SPIN” proposes an ecology that is environment and body, whose animate matter communicates with us through transformation, association, and unpredictable change. Natalie Koerner
Try the virtual kinetic sound sculpture HERE 👈
Robert Lippok & Lucas Gutierrez: Spin
Image / Visuals: Lucas Gutierrez
Composition / Sounddesign : Robert Lippok
Initiated with L.E.V. Matadero Festival 2020
Special thanks to Nacho de la Vega and Cristina de Silva.
Upcoming shows & presentations
virtual audio/visual installation @ Planet LEV
virtual multiplayer festival environment and exhibition @ CTM CYBERIA
Fulldome world premiere as part of Berlin Art Week @ Zeiss-Großplanetarium