This is Not 3D

Immersive Audiovisual Installation
Duration: 15 minutes



– This is not 3D – is a combination of computer programs and representation errors that results in a multiple digital medium beyond binary concepts. It has no end and no beginning. These are digital objects that retain a certain degree of autonomy. There is no buffering or loading bars in this rendered reality. Only macrotextures and incredibly thin surfaces that do not exist in the physical world.

With this new work, the Argentine artist Lucas Gutierrez is carrying out an interdisciplinary study in the fields of real-time 3D computer animation and its relationship with the new paradigms of digital culture. His narrative, which highlights his influences ranging from post-work anthropology to industrial design 3D modelling, often makes reference to current dystopias and social fears but, above all, he uses the language of colourful and chaotic metaphysics.


Lucas Gutierrez: This Is Not 3D

Curator: Oriol Pastor

Technical Assistance: Jordi Masso

Commissioned by Llum BCN 2021 for IDEAL Center d’Arts Digitals Barcelona (ES).

Media Server Sessions – OCT to DEC 2023

This project contains / remix a 3d Gizmo by Brazy-u.