The audio visual piece Drawing From Memory is the latest collaboration of visual artist Lucas Gutierrez and composer Robert Lippok. Drawing From Memory invites the viewer to explore in VR the object based artwork of Lippok’s release Applied Autonomy.

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Use the mouse cursor to rotate the camera and press the arrows ← ↑ → ↓ or W-A-S-D keys to move in space.
For VR

Just open this page with your Virtual Reality headset. Firefox Reality browser and Oculus are recommended.


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About Applied Autonomy:
»Applied Autonomy« orchestrates a certain state of frantic standstill, which occurs once a structure is set. Has this state been reached, the artist is free to focus on other equally important aspects, balancing the various shades, pushing ideas even further to really make them shine and blossom in their self-declared autonomy. The more light one lets in, the more layers become visible.

Layers are key when it comes to understanding »Applied Autonomy«. Big chunks of the material with which the album has been produced derive from sketches specifically made for a club performance. Rather than meticulously devising each and every detail, Lippok focussed instead on recording as many fragments as possible in a short period of time, elements which he could later combine and layer on stage. Based on this material and his experience experimenting with it in a live environment, the album slowly began to shape…